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Evens Robert, one of the founding members of AgwoAyiti, observed the precarious economic and environmental conditions in his home community of Fond d’Oies

From his observations in Fond d’Oies, he realized that there was untapped potential in animal husbandry systems, specifically hog raising. This is what inspired him to develop a budget and basic project proposal for a hog raising agribusiness in Fond d’Oies. After writing the project proposal, he approached the HHI management team to ask for their help. Financial resources for starting the project were provided.

Given the precarious economic situation of the majority of smallholder farmer families residing in the Fond d’Oies community, the principle objective of this project was to strengthen the local economy by providing a reliable source of hogs that community members can purchase to start their own hog-raising or food sales enterprises. The nature of the project is such that it can be broken down into four phases…

  • Phase 1: Land preparation and fence construction.
  • Phase 2: Construction of corral.
  • Phase 3: Purchase of materials for corral.
  • Phase 4: Purchase of pigs and start of hog raising activities.

The target date for the opening of phase 1, namely levelling of land and construction of the barrier, was April 15th, 2017. Though the work of phase 1 took longer than anticipated because of consistent rainfall and transportation of the fence posts, the workers successfully completed their mission over the course of one month.

On September 15th, 2017, phase 2 of the AgwoAyiti project began, which consisted of construction of the building where the hogs will dwell. This phase also included adding the feeding trough and placing plumbing lines in the building.

Phase 3 commenced after the completion of phase 2. This phase consisted of purchasing tools and other necessary items for operation of the hog raising project.

Phase 2 of the project had a longer work period compared to phase 3. This is because phase 2 had many major undertakings such as hiring laborers for construction and transportation of materials, which included water, sand, concrete, etc. Phase 3, however, simply consisted of going to construction supply stores to purchase materials for the corral.

Phase 4 is now in progress which includes purchasing the livestock and raising them properly. As part of this phase, project leaders will also interview local pork saleswomen to determine where they get their hogs and the associated costs.


Hog Farm Under Construction. Phase 1: Leveling of the Land



Hog Farm Under Construction. Phase 1: Putting up Fence



Hog Farm Under Construction. Phase 2: Foundation and Support Posts



Hog Farm Under Construction. Phase 2: Laying of Multiple Block Layers



Hog Farm Under Construction. Phase 2: Installation of the Front Door, Roof, and Covering of Concrete Blocks.


If you are interested to learn more details about this project, click here to see our technical reports.
Click here to see the memorandum of understanding between AgwoAyiti and Haiti Health Initiative.


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