The need for quality dental care in rural Haiti is great


Community health worker uses a dental model to teach brushing and flossing.

Infection, lack of dental education, and poor overall preventative care are prevalent among the people of Timo because they do not have regular access to dental treatment and preventative dental services.

The goals of the HHI dental team are to eliminate dental pain and infection in patients through extractions or fillings, to educate locals in proper oral hygiene, and to provide preventative treatments for as many people as time and resources allow. HHI is especially committed to improving and expanding its preventative care program, which currently provides sealants, dental cleaning, fluoride varnish, oral hygiene education, and providing hygiene supplies (such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss).

We continually work toward our goal that one day we may be mainly providing maintenance and teaching prevention rather than performing extractions and treating infections. To accomplish this, we are addressing the lack of local dental care by providing scholarships for promising Haitians interested in dentistry and supporting positions. It is only through this endeavor that the dental landscape in Haiti can change sustainably from within.

Make a major difference in the lives of others and donate to our dental projects and scholarships now.

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Haiti Health Initiative aims to improve the overall health and well being of rural Haitians, one community at a time. We seek to accomplish this through providing education and services in primary health care, dental care, public health, and nutrition within each community at risk.


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