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Arup: We shape a better world

ARUP is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. ARUP aims to make a positive difference in the world and to shape a better world by bringing together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills, on a uniquely global scale. To learn more about ARUP please visit www.arup.com.


Vitamin Angels: We’re filling the gaps

The Vitamin Angels mission is to mobilize and deploy private sector resources to advance the availability, access, and use of micro-nutrients, especially vitamin A, to newborns, infants, and children in need. Vitamin Angels reduces child mortality worldwide by connecting essential nutrients, especially vitamin A, with infants and children under five. Essential nutrients enable young immune systems to fight infectious diseases, helping children attain good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives. To learn more about Vitamin Angels please visit www.vitaminangels.org.


Globus Relief: We improve the delivery of healthcare

Globus Relief is an organization committed to partnering with other charities, corporations, and government agencies working to improve the delivery of healthcare across the world. They focus on consulting, acquiring, packaging and distributing (APD), providing bio-tech solutions, training and assessment. Visit their web site at www.globusrelief.org.


AmeriCares Medical Outreach

Americares Medical Outreach donates medicines and medical products to U.S.-based and licensed volunteer medical teams traveling abroad to provide primary care, perform surgeries, respond to emergencies and strengthen local health care capacity. View their web site at medicaloutreach.americares.org.


Kingsway Charities: Resource for Free or Low Cost Medicines

Kingsway Charities Inc. is a faith-based, Christian charitable organization headquartered in Bristol, Virginia. They provides medications and medical supplies to medical mission teams traveling from the United States to developing countries. You can view their website at www.kingswaycharities.org.



MAP International is a global Christian health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families and communities. Recognized for their 99% efficiency rating, they respond to the needs of those we serve by providing medicines, preventing disease, and promoting health to create real hope and lasting change. You can view their website at www.map.org.


Country Hills Eye Center

Since 2012, Dr. Brad Richards and Country Eye Center have donated prescription eye glasses, reading glasses, sun glasses and eye supplies for medical missions to Haiti Health Initiative. They have also kindly donated medications for glaucoma and allowed the use of their eye examination equipment on volunteer trips to Haiti. Visit their website at www.checdocs.org.


DreamHost : Web Hosting with Purpose

DreamHost has kindly provided free web hosting for Haiti Health Initiative. We appreciate their support for us as well as other non-profit organizations. Their mission is truly one of giving back. They provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to 1.5 million sites, blogs and applications, and supports over 400,000 web designers, developers, content creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs with the power of the Open Web.


The following selection of articles provides an inside look at HHI’s updates on recent projects and history of accomplishments.

AgwoAyiti Hog Farming Project

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT US. Evens Robert, one of the founding members of AgwoAyiti, observed the precarious economic and environmental conditions in his home community of Fond d’OiesFrom his observations in Fond d’Oies, he realized that there was untapped potential in...

Latrine Design Report of the School in Timo

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT US. To Recap, HHI contacted the company ARUP to develop the design of the IMPV school in Timo, Haiti.This project aims to bring a much-needed new school facility in the remote, mountainous community of Timo. The school will be attended by around 225...

School Progress in Timo

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT US. The earthworks for the new Timo school are completed.This includes retaining walls, perimeter walls and fencing. We resumed talks with our engineer and architect partners at Arup (designer of Sydney Opera House) who are reviewing the...

School Site Visit Successful

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT US. Arup partners Alex, Aidan, and Rossini and HHI representatives Matt and Doug returned 2/3/2017 from their week-long trip to Haiti. The goals of their trip included a visit to the site where the Timo school will be built later this year. They...

The Story of the New School

Background The new school project is one of Haiti Health Initiative’s many humanitarian efforts. In progress since 2015, the project aims to bring a much-needed new facility to the Girls and Boys School of Perfection of Viciere [translated] in the remote, mountainous...

Provide the Tool that Gives Hope to Timo

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT US. “Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world” (adapted from Nelson Mandela). In 2015, Haiti Health Initiative launched a project to build a safe, world-class school building for the children of Timo. The school would...

A Successful Dental Trip (August 2018)

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT US. On August 16–19, Dr. Robert Lerohl and Dr. Scott Ferguson and his son Parker, made a brief visit to Timo.During their short stay, they provided additional training to the Haitian dental lab team and organized the dental materials and...
AgwoAyiti Hog Farming Project

AgwoAyiti Hog Farming Project

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT US. Evens Robert, one of the founding members of AgwoAyiti, observed the precarious economic and environmental conditions in his home community of Fond d’OiesFrom his observations in Fond d’Oies, he realized that there was untapped potential in...

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Haiti Health Initiative aims to improve the overall health and well being of rural Haitians, one community at a time. We seek to accomplish this through providing education and services in primary health care, dental care, public health, and nutrition within each community at risk.


If you have questions about Haiti Health Initiative, contact Marc-Aurel Martial at [email protected] or at 801-830-3043.

If you are interested to join us in Haiti, click here for more information.


If you would like to know more about Haiti Health Initiative as a Non-Profit Organization and registered Non-Governmental Organization, you can review the organizing documents by clicking here.


If you would like to make a donation to HHI exceeding $1000, you can either send a check to 1761 Gold River Drive, Orem, UT 84057, or pay by credit or debit card by clicking here.

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