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Haiti Health Initiative


What We Are: Haiti Health Initiative (HHI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health, and therefore, the quality of living in rural Haiti. HHI is currently focusing its efforts on the village of Timo, hoping to promote health principles among the population so that one day, the village’s continued health will be self-sustainable. HHI volunteers travel periodically to Timo and provide basic health services, supplies, and training sessions to the village’s people.

Our Mission Statement: Haiti Health Initiative aims to improve the overall health and well being of rural Haitians, one community at a time. We seek to accomplish this by providing education and services in primary health care, dental care, public health, and nutrition within each community at risk.

How We Turn a Mission into a Reality

Research: Before our teams can provide any relief to Haiti, we have to be aware of the situation at hand. A Haitian’s life expectancy is sixteen years shorter than a United States citizen’s. The number of physicians and dentists is grossly insufficient. We at Haiti Health Initiative are striving to work alongside Haitian villages to change these numbers and build into Haitian societies a plan for lengthening human life and improving human quality of life. We build upon research to make a lasting impact.

Give: Haiti Health Initiative does believe in giving to those in need, however we give with a purpose. We do not give handouts; we give tools. Haitian communities do not want to rely on gifts for the rest of their lives. They want to sustain themselves. If we give tools to help make this desire a reality, only then are we truly giving everything we can.

Create: The greatest part of our efforts and resources is dedicated to creating agricultural, educational, healthcare, and water systems that work for the people in rural Haiti. In order to accomplish this, we collaborate with partners in Haiti who know what works best for themselves and their community. Our goal is to help create systems that will remain in Haiti forever and continuously benefit its people. Our approach is to start small and expand, grow deep and then grow wide, build human capacity before laying physical structures.

Our Core Values

Service: We focus on the needs of the poor in remote rural areas without intending to receive personal gain or recognition.

Respect and trust: We treat others the way we want to be treated. We work with and care for local families in rural areas as though they were our own families. We respect and depend upon one another at all times.

Collaboration and creativity: We collaborate with local and international partners whose views align with our mission, vision, and values without discrimination on any basis. We are open to new thoughts and initiatives that will work towards solutions for healthy children and families in rural communities.

Integrity: We conduct our work according to the highest standards of personal integrity and ethics. We do not ever compromise our reputation and always attempt to act in the best interest of the communities we serve.

Sustainability and self-sufficiency: We research proven solutions and implement culturally appropriate interventions that are supported by local public health authorities and community leaders to produce sustainable improvement. We educate and provide tools to foster autonomy. We want to help people help themselves.

Safety: We take the necessary measures to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our volunteers and partners. We believe in the motto “safety first.”

Accountability and transparency: We take responsibility for using donations and other resources efficiently, for being accountable to donors, partners, and volunteers, and for reporting back to them regularly and in detail.